Women's Genuine Tourmaline Dangle Earrings


Women's Genuine Tourmaline Dangle Earrings
This pair of drop earrings is adorned with Tourmaline Flowers, a Silver/Crystal Chipped Out Ring, and three rows of Hanging Stones that are simply amazing.

Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others.  It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear.  Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.  It balances the right-left sides of the brain.  Helps treat paranoia, overcomes dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination.  Tourmaline releases tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments.  It balances male-female energy within the body.  Enhances energy and removes blockages.

Main Stones: Tourmaline
Tourmaline Stone Sizes:  2.5 x 5mm & 3x5mm
Metals: Silver
Metal Stamp: 925 Sterling
Additional Stones: Crystal
Certificate: CMA
Packing: Box

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