Smokey Black Ice Obsidian Bangle Bracelets


Smokey Black Ice Obsidian Bangle Bracelets
Obsidian is an igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling and hardening of the volcanic lava. The volcanic glass stone was used in trading by Mayan merchants, dating as far back as 100 years BC. It is also widely believed that Obsidian is a protective stone that shields against negative energy. Given its sharpness, the stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth itself.

Ok, after 2020 we could use some protection from negative energy. If you feel the same, measure your hand, check the size chart attached, and order one of these smokey negative energy blocking bangles. Please measure carefully for your size.  

Bracelets: Bangle
Crystal: Natural Obsidian Gemstone
Color: Black Ice
Weight: 80 Grams