Rhinestoned Cheetah Pullover Sweatshirts - 5 Colors


Rhinestoned Cheetah Pullover Sweatshirts - 5 Colors
Intelligent, quick-witted, perceptive, and with an ability to act fast, the cheetah is a wonderful animal. To have the cheetah spirit animal watching out for you means that you will be incredibly successful in life.

Remember to not push yourself though, everybody needs a time out and time to enjoy themselves and the company of others.

Just one of many 5 Star Reviews.
★★★★★ The quality is excellent. It looks excellent. Sewing is great and the cut good. Love the way light plays with colors on the rhinestones. Highly recommended.

Material: Cotton Blend

Note: Please measure carefully...we want you to look great in the perfect fit.

This item will ship to you directly from the design & manufacturing studio. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery. We promise it's worth the wait!