Natural Obsidian Bangle Bracelet


Natural Obsidian Bangle Bracelet
Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, formed when lava solidifies so quickly that mineral crystals do not have time to grow. The name Obsidian simply refers to glassy texture, and technically obsidian can have any chemical composition. However, most Obsidian  is similar in composition to rhyolite, and is commonly found on the outer edges of rhyolite domes and flows. Like rhyolite, Obsidian can show flow-banding. It is also found along the rapidly cooled edges of dykes and sills. Obsidian is typically jet-black, although the presence of hematite (iron oxide) produces red and brown varieties, and the inclusion of tiny gas bubbles can create a golden sheen.

Style: Bangle
Stone: Natural Obsidian
Color: See Images
Diameter: See Dropdown Menu
Certificate: GDTC

Included: (1) Natural Obsidian Bangle

This bangle is handmade and ships directly from the artisan.
Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for it to arrive.
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