Mesmerizing Charoite Bangle Bracelet 59mm


Mesmerizing Charoite Bangle Bracelet 59mm
Charoite is a rare mineral, found only in one place in the world in the Sakha Republic area of Siberia, Russia. Charoite is a naturally vibrant purple color with swirls of shimmering lavender. It commonly has inclusions of black Aegirine and occurs with Canasite and Tinaksite.

“Charoite resources are estimated at some tens of thousands of tons, with stone quality varying widely from sample to sample. Thus, for the moment, charoite remains the rarest and the most exotic gem stone on earth, and finding an analogous deposit is still unlikely, even globally”
- V.A. Solyanik, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, Russia in The Journal of the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong

This limited and rare bangel bracelet is a Mesmerizing Raw Piece of Charoite. The one pictured, is the one you get. Please measure carefully for your size.  

Stone: Natural Charoite Gemstone
Diameter: 59mm
Bracelet: Bangle
Bead Size: 19x9mm
Weight: 73.6g
Inner Diameter: 59mm // 2.32in
Product: Pictured