Ice Diamonds Peel & Stick Removable Fabric Wallpaper - Designed by Michigan Artists


Length in feet x Width in feet = Square Footage

To calculate your square footage, multiply the length of your wall by the height for each wall you want to do. If you have a room with 4 walls, calculate the square footage for each area separately, then add them together for the total square footage.

You’ll need to order a little extra. A good rule of thumb is to order about 10% more wallpaper than what you need to cover your wall exactly. You’ll probably have waste at the bottom of each roll, especially if your paper has a pattern to match up.

Not recommended for use on textured walls or areas with humidity over 50%

Feel good about using chemical free Fabric Peel and Stick Wallpaper by Ideal Place Market to dramatically transform your home. Our papers are printed using vibrant, non-toxic, water-based inks, making them safe, odor free and environmentally friendly. The patented adhesive ensures that your wallpaper will stay up for years, yet removes easily and without damage whenever you’re ready to take it down.

You won’t see our wallpapers anywhere else because each is designed specifically for Ideal Place Market by professional American Artists. Ideal Place Market is United States Air Force Veteran Owned and Operated in the USA.

• Polyester Fabric paper with smooth matte faux finishes - not textured
• Multi-US Patented Formaldehyde-free Adhesive - No chemical fumes
• Easy peel and stick application
• Removes easily with no residue or damage
• Water resistant and washable with a damp cloth for easy clean up
• Sold in 24" wide rolls of various lengths to fit any size project & budget