Handcrafted Silver & Agate Lotus Leaf Cuff Bracelet


Handcrafted Silver & Agate Lotus Leaf Cuff Bracelet
The lotus leaf refers to the leaf of the hydrophyte called lotus, which floats on the water's surface, and is also called Kayo due to the introduction of Chinese herbal drugs. In the Hinduism, Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism, 'lotus' itself has a special meaning, and it's highly valued along with the lotus flower and lotus seed. The lotus leaf is a representative example in explaining a phenomenon of lotus effect.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Stones: Green Agate
Bracelet Type: Cuff Bracelet (Manually Adjust Cuff Size)
Diameter: 6cm // 2.4in
Approx. Weight: 52g
Certificate: NGTC

Note: The weight of each gram is measured by hand, the width error is about 1mm, and the weight error is about 1.0g.
This jewelry ships directly from our artisan jewelers. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. It's well worth the wait!