Hand Carved White Yak Bone Lotus Beaded Bracelet

Hand Carved White Yak Bone Lotus Beaded Bracelet
Yak is an important animal in Tibet as they are used as packing animals for nomadic tribes and to honor their passing they are used in practice. Continuing to be of service as they pass from this consciousness to another.

Tibetan Yak Bone Mala, in Buddhism we use bone to remind us of the impertinence of death, that way we cherish each moment in a different perspective. In Tibet is signifies "abhaya" meaning fearlessness.

Material: Tibet Yak Bone
Feature: Buddhist Lotus Bracelet
Rope: High-Resiliency Elastic Silicone cording
Production: Hand Carved
Pattern: Lotus Beads
Item Weight: 10g 17g 20g 30g

This jewelry is handmade and ships directly from our artisan jewelers.
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