Genuine Baltic Amber Beaded Sweater Necklace


Genuine Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace
Amber has been used, historically, as a talisman for courage and self-worth, and was thought to bring good luck to warriors in battle. In some cultures, amber symbolizes the renewal of marriage vows and is used to cement promises. It is worn by elders as a symbol of their endurance and wisdom.

Stones: Baltic Amber
Approx. Bead Size: 5mm
Approx. Length: 65cm // 25.6in
Approx. Weight: 4g
Incluces: Jute Bag
Origin: Russia
Certificate: GIC

Note: These are natural stones and their color and details will vary from ring to ring.

This item is made by artisans and may take betwwen 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Thank you for supporting artists worldwide.