12 Hole Glazed Ceramic Ocarina Flutes - Alto C


12 Hole Glazed Ceramic Ocarina Flutes
The name ocarina, meaning 'little goose', was first given to a musical instrument by Italian teenager, Guiseppe Donati, when he invented a submarine-shaped clay flute in 1853. He showed it to his friends and, together, they perfected an instrument that has been carried to all corners of the world.

About this Instrument
This Ocarian is masterfully crafted. Each instrument has excellent texture, carries a uplifting tone, and is an ideal instrument for beginners as well as professionals.

Material: Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic
Tone: Alto C
Approx. Size: 17 x 10cm // 6.7 x 4in
Holes: 12
Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for delivery of this musical instrument. Thank you for supporting Artists Worldwide.