Stunning Geometric Tea/Coffee/MIlk Set in 2 Colors


Stunning Geometric Tea/Coffee/MIlk Bone China Set
Known as the only worldwide recognized high-grade porcelain, bone china products has the features that other ceramic ware can’t compare with.

  • Transparency: Holding a bone china cup in a dark place and put a torch inside it, you can see the light go through the bone china body, which is quite impressive.
  • Milky white and Light weight: Bone china is known for its high level of whiteness and translucency. With bone ash added to the raw material, the bone china tableware gives a milky white color, it is also lighter than other ceramic products, these features make bone china getting more and more popular in the modern days.
  • Hardness: Yet it is light, semi-transparent, it seems fragile, while it is the strongest porcelain. It’s wear-resistant features make it a favorable and top choice for high-end hotels, Casinos & Resorts, Upscale dining establishments, Corporate & Academic dining facilities and more.
  • Easy to wash: After two times of firing and glazing, the surface of bone china tableware is very smooth, which makes it very easy to wash. This feature makes bone china dinnerware and tea sets favorable by housewives.
  • ZERO percent of toxic elements like lead and cadmium: It is not enough just having an attractive appearance. The safety issue is the top topic people care about. After all, tableware is something we used to serve our food, and it’s very important it is not toxic to our health.

Our Vibrant Geometric Tea Set is made of Bone China and will make you feel as if you're having tea or coffee with the queen! 

Style: European
Material: Bone China (See Photo)
Colors: See Dropdown Menu

1 Teapot with Lid
1 Sugar Jar with Lid
1 Cream Pitcher
6 Tea/Coffee Cups
6 Tea/Coffee Plates
6 Spoons

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