Hand Painted African Bush Elephant on Canvas


Hand Painted African Bush Elephant on Canvas
In African elephant symbolism, elephants or mammoths came to symbolize sovereignty, war, royalty, and wisdom, as well as moral and spiritual strength. 

African shamans believed elephants symbolize victory and triumph. An elephant draws the triumphal chariot of Fame personified. African Art of fabulous beasts always includes mammoths, elephants, and other large beasts. 

The Tree of Life is usually depicted on elephant ivory, which is used in headdresses, jewelry, and artifacts. Many African tales exist about these beasts and in these, they are always linked with wisdom. 
   ~ Garth C. Clifford

Base: Canvas / Medium: Acrylic and/or Oils / Various Sizes
Workmanship: Hand Painted

Paintings come rolled. Please visit your local frame shop if you just order the rolled canvas.

This product is hand painted per order and requires careful shipping.
It may take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Thank you for supporting Artisans Worldwide.