Deep Blue Handmade & Painted Yixing Teapot 280ml


Deep Blue Handmade & Painted Yixing Teapot 280ml
Making tea is essentially the process of breaking down the cell structure of tea leaves to release their flavor. Using the traditional method of Chinese tea-making, called Gong-Fu Cha (Tea With Great Skill), the teapot is perhaps the most important element in this process.

Serious Gong-Fu Cha enthusiasts spend many hours debating the virtues of their teapots, but there is universal agreement on a few points:

  • Any tea is best made in clay teapots and the best teapots are made from “Purple Clay” (Zisha) from the Yixing (Yee-zhing) area of China 
  • Zisha clay has excellent porosity and heat handling properties that significantly improves the taste of tea when compared to tea made in glass, porcelain or glazed teapots 
  • High-fired teapots with a finer, thinner clay are excellent for use with any tea and a must for Green, White and Oolong teas. Low-fired teapots that use a thicker and more porous clay work best for Black Tea (called Red Tea in China) and Pu-Erh Tea.

Name: Deep Blue Teapot
Raw Material: Raw Ore Green Clay
Capacity: 280ml // 9.5oz
Approx. Size: 16 x 10cm // 6.3 x 4in

This handmade teapot will be made to order within 7-10 days exclusively for you upon ordering. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the crafting and shipping from our partner artist residing in Yixing, China.