Dzi Beaded Tibetan Three Eye Agate Bracelet


Dzi Beaded Tibetan Three Eye Agate Bracelet
The meaning of the Tibetan word "dzi" [གཟི།] translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendor." In Mandarin Chinese, dzi are called "heaven's bead" or "heaven's pearl" (天珠; tiān zhū).

The red agate crystal has been used for centuries as a protection token against negative energies while instilling its wearer with self-confidence and positive vibes. Known as the "warrior's stone," it is said to light the fire in your heart and motivate you to pursue what you want.

Production: Handmade & Polished
Materials: Elastic Rope and Natural Agate
Stones: Semi-Precious (Round 10mm)

Chain: Stretch Beaded Bracelet
Diameter: 16.5cm // 6.5in
Approx. Bead Diameter: 10mm
Origin: Tibet
Certificate: CMA

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