Tetsubin (鉄瓶) Japanese Contemporary Rustic Cast Iron Teapot - 1150ml


Tetsubin (鉄瓶) Japanese Contemporary Rustic Cast-Iron Teapot - 1150ml
Tetsubin (鉄瓶) are Japanese cast-iron kettles with a pouring spout, a lid, and a handle crossing over the top, used for boiling and pouring hot water for drinking purposes, such as for making tea.

Approx. Teapot Size: 12.5 x 20.5cm // 4.92 x 8.1in
Capacity: 1150ml // 1.1L
Color: Black (See Photos)
Materials: Cast-Iron and Stainless Steel
Inner Filter Material: Stainless Steel Mesh
Packing: Safety Foam Box

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