Iconic North American Eagle Feather Silver Necklace 50-75cm


Iconic North American Eagle Feather Silver Necklace
The symbolism of the iconic eagle feather designs were derived from Native American-styles. The eagle, for example, is a lofty symbol whose feathers represent dignity and glory. Its feathers are sacred, brave, fearless, and noble. Traditionally feathers have been given out like blessings. The Medicine Wheel is also a sacred symbol representing the knowledge of everything in the universe. Its structure consists of circles and crosses. with the circles representing the cycle of life and death and crosses representing the intersection of humans and the sun.

Two Unique Pendant Styles to choose from. 
A. Green Stone Pendant Collage
B. Blue Stone Pendant Collage

Metal Stamp: 925 Sterling & Gold Toning
Chain: Link Chain
Necklace Length: 50-75cm // 19.7-29.5in
Certificate: CCGTC

This necklace ships directly from our artisan jewelers. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. It's worth the wait!