Dreamy Mirrored Landscape Painting on Canvas


Dreamy Mirrored Landscape Painting on Canvas
In the Mid-1800s, landscape artists began utilizing a style of painting called “plein-air,” or open-air painting. Plein-air brought painters away from their studios to paint outside. This instantly made landscape painting the most sensual way a painter could work. Compare the alternatives of historic or religious paintings, portraits, slices-of-life, still lives or animal scenes. Plein-air painting offered a world of sensual delights, such as the flickering of light off water, the changing colors of the sky, the miraculous multitude of colors lines and forms in nature.

Plein-air painting contributed directly to Impressionism’s focus on capturing the qualities of light, and to Post-Impressionism’s experimentations with color and movement. Consider Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” a Post-Impressionist landscape masterpiece from 1889. In it, van Gogh attempts to convey emotion rather than reality, a demonstration of landscape painting as a perfect vehicle for the general artistic quest to convey the “sense” of a subject rather than its precise image.

Base: Canvas / Medium: Acrylic / Various Sizes
Workmanship: Hand Painted
Product: Framed or Unframed

Paintings come framed or rolled. If you order unframed, please visit your local frame shop.

This product is handpainted per order and requires careful shipping. It may take between 3-6 weeks to arrive.
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