Kiki Peel & Stick Fabric Removable Wallpaper in 4 Colors - Designed by Michigan Artists


Feel good about using chemical free Fabric Peel & Stick Wallpaper by Ideal Place Market to dramatically transform your home. Our papers are printed using vibrant, non-toxic, water-based inks, making them safe, odor free & environmentally friendly. The patented adhesive ensures that your wallpaper will stay up for years, but removes easily and without damage when you’re ready to take it down.

  •    Fabric paper with smooth matte finish - faux finishes
  •    Multi-US Patented Formaldehyde-free Adhesive
  •    Easy peel and stick application
  •    100% Polyester - Water resistant and washable
  •    Removes easily with no residue or damage
  •    Sold in 24" wide rolls of various lengths

Not recommended for use on textured walls or areas with humidity over 50%