Natural Amber Cube Beaded Bracelet


Natural Amber Cube Beaded Bracelet
Lively, warm, and steady as she goes - Amber is truly a healing talisman and a glorious good luck charm too. Whether given to teething babies to help quell their cries or helping recovering people pleasers to set loving healthy boundaries, this gem is all about inviting calmness and healing into your life. Amber is the lifeblood of ancient trees and it brings all that energy with it into the here and now. It infuses us with a sense of nourishment, awakens our sacral chakra, and gives us all the tools and empowering vibrations we need to heal ourselves fully.

Production: Handmade
Gender: Unisex
Style: Stretch Bracelet
Diameter: 7.8in
Stone: Natural Amber
Bead Size: See Dropdown Menu
Grade: AAAAA
Certificate: CCGTC
Origin: Brazil

Note: These are natural stones and their color may vary from item to item.

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