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Handmade Artisanal Goods Are Worth the Wait

About half of Ideal Place Market's items ship from the US & arrive within typical times. But, we make it no secret how much we love and value the world's menagerie of cultures & crafts. We search for the very best, most beautiful items from all around the world. We specifically look for shops that do things "the old way" - small, local artisans. Thus, the other half (or so) of our items come from Mom & Pop shops from all over the world. In today's world of Free Overnight Shipping, we wondered and worried about shipping. 

We always try to balance quality & shipping time/cost vs how long we think people are willing to wait. We just weren't sure. Will someone wait 4 weeks for a handmade belt from Italy? We still aren't sure. But, here's what we've decided - we're just going to list beautiful items and then be completely honest about the estimated shipping time. We figure that if you like a pair of shoes and want them for this weekend - and see that they take 2 weeks to get here - that you'll make the adult decision not to buy them. If you're like, "yeah, 2 weeks is cool," then great. We hope you LOVE them. Regardless of where your item ships from, we cover the shipping - the only thing that ever changes is the length of time it takes to arrive. We truly believe that handmade artisanal goods are worth the wait.

Sophia ~ IPM Home & Fashion Blogger

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